Good info is the right start to reaching a healthy weight

This time of year presents a lot of challenges for maintaining a healthy weight. The excitement of our New Year’s resolutions has tapered off. With winter weather hanging on, we find it tough to get outside to take a walk or work in the yard.

But, before we know it, we’ll be taking our summer clothes out of hibernation. And we certainly don’t want to discover that our shorts and tops are not fitting like they did in the fall.

So where do we start? First, talk with a health professional before making a serious effort to shed some pounds. While the concepts of weight loss seem simple — burn more calories than you take in — it’s important to take these steps safely and supported by good information.

All diet and exercise plans are not effective or healthy for all people. So, for your best chance at success, you’ll need to learn:

• The best weight for you and ways you can get there
• A healthy and realistic target for how much you can lose a week
• The right choices for you while shopping for food or dining out

Once you have the right information and a Body Mass Index check, you can begin to consider the options best for you. At St.Vincent Women’s Hospital, we have weight management consultations available to help you find the right diet and exercise plan — or send you to the right place to learn about medical or bariatric weight loss options. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at 317-338-4-HER.

Remember: weight loss is individual and personal. And remember: you can do it. Making the commitment is the most important step. Seeing a healthcare professional before you start is the next one.

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