Fresh approaches to your childbirth experience

We’re all different. We all have our own ideas about what the perfect birthing experience could be. So, when the big day comes, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. That’s why, more often today, women are able to work with their healthcare provider to create the birthing experience that they really want. Ultimately, the goal is a healthy baby and mom, but how you get there can differ from person to person.

While trends have swung back and forth between more traditional birthing methods and facilities and more “out there” approaches, the momentum now is swinging toward leaving open as many choices as possible to the expecting parents. As a mother myself, I applaud this!

Now, parents begin molding their experience by bringing their birth plans to their doctors and working out the steps from there. Maybe a mother wants to use an alternative approach to delivery like a birthing ball, ease pain during labor in a laboring tub or shower, experience the benefits of aromatherapy, or benefit from relief through massage. These options are all available. Just ask.

Today, doctors and nurses are more accepting of these differing approaches to the birthing experience. Many facilities even have staff members who specialize in services such as aromatherapy and massage. Hospitals see that flexibility is important — and that this is really all about giving patients the best experience possible.

At St.Vincent, we fully embrace this trend toward choice and flexibility for new parents — and their babies. Call Sharon Johns at (317) 415-7643 or visit the St.Vincent Womens Hospital web site You can also call the Monogram Maternity Nurse Coordinator at (317) 582-7733 or click here to find out about all of the exciting options I mentioned above and more.

Like healthcare providers everywhere, we love helping families start healthy and happy. And finding the right fit for the birthing experience can really help make that happen.

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