What’s new in GYN surgical approaches

Advances in medical technology continue to make experiences better for patients. This is certainly true with the gynecological procedures we do every day at St.Vincent health. By using high-tech equipment, such as the DaVinci robot, our surgeons and their staff help keep surgeries far less invasive — resulting in shorter stays at the hospital for our patients.

We like that for a number of reasons. The small incisions — or lack of incisions at all — needed for this precise equipment result in less scarring and much shorter times for healing. This translates into less time off work for our patients and less disruption of their lives. We really like that, too.

One example of a common procedure improved by technology is an outpatient surgical solution for heavy menstrual bleeding. As a woman gets older, she may begin to have more than one period a month, and these may be so heavy that she has to miss a day of work. If left untreated, this could result in anemia and other problems.

Once the cause is established — some, like abnormal cells in the lining of the uterus, are serious concerns — the physician and staff can help find a solution. Sometimes hormone treatment will work. Other times, a short procedure called endometrial ablation will do the trick.

Using new technology and approaches, this low-impact procedure works without any incisions and helps take care of the problem for most women in a short time. Often, you can miss just one day of work and feel fine the next day.

Some of the most common OB/GYN procedures now being performed using new technological approaches like the Da Vinci surgical robot include bladder repair, laparcopic suprcervical hysterectomy, laparscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy, endometrial ablation, and pelvic floor systems.

Is minimally invasive surgery right for you? Talk with your doctor — or to find a doctor, visit our Provider Connection or call 317-338-4-HER. While nobody is excited about the prospect of a GYN procedure, innovations like these are making the idea easier to handle — and making it easier for women to get their lives back afterwards.

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