You can do something about headache pain

Do your temples throb at the end of the day? Well, you’re far from alone, as headaches are very common — especially for women. But you don’t have to live with the pain and worry that comes from constant headaches.

The first step toward relieving the pain is finding its cause. Reasons for headaches can include stress and tension, hunger, weather changes, strong scents and perfumes, dehydration, bad posture, and even pulling your hair back too tightly into a ponytail. And, sometimes, women’s headaches are related to their menstrual cycles — increasing in frequency as hormones change during peri-menopause and menopause.

Keeping a headache log or diary is a good way to determine what may be triggering the pain. Just write down when the headache began and ended, what was happening at the time, and how you treated it. This will create a clearer picture of what is triggering your headaches.

Treatments and solutions are varied, depending on the cause. Taking steps to manage stress may be a big help. Eat regular, healthy meals. Get a massage. Go for a walk during the workday. And, if your headaches come the week before or during your menstrual cycle, talk to your doctor about adding some hormones during the week of your period. Other medicines are also available to help prevent headaches or stop severe ones from getting out of control.

Nobody should suffer from headaches every day. So see your doctor soon if that’s the case for you. And, if you have a headache that feels too painful to handle — or maybe like the worst you’ve felt in your life — this might warrant a visit to the emergency room for an immediate work up.

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