Mikaela George-9th Grade

All I can hear is the hollow sound of my footsteps hitting an empty road. To my right I see Harvard, the college of my dreams. To my left, I see the world’s suffering. I look behind me and I see a trail of worn out ballet shoes, broken violin strings, and torn-out stories. These paths are all part of my journey into my future. I can stop anywhere I want, but I choose to just keep going.

Harvard loomed in front of me. The rows of building looked ancient and wise. The red and brown bricks felt cold against my fingers. The tour guide was speaking of the library’s history, which stood before me as I was thinking how one day I would hopefully be here.

Harvard is more than just a good school to me. It is a childhood dream with sentimental value. When my mom was a young child, her mom died of ovarian cancer, my mom, strewn with grief was committed to being a doctor but never reached her goal. As a young child, I remember holding my mom’s hand and assuring her that I would continue her dream for her.

My mom still has tangible grief every time she thinks of her mom. This goal would not only fulfill my mom’s and my dreams, but help the people suffering in the world from this cancer. Around 16,000 women die every year from ovarian cancer alone in America. Harvard had one of the leading medical schools and research foundations in the world.

Being a doctor would allow me to make sure that no one would have to endure the pain my mom experienced. This would also allow for me to have a chance to find a solution so that no one would have to grow up without a mom or lose a grandma because of this cancer.

The world was still silent as I thought of my future. I thought of where this road would take me and what made me keep going. I have been through steep hills and winding trails. Through it all, I keep walking. It was a cool spring day and I noticed the flower buds lining the road. Some buds were stretched open towards the sky, and some were still closed. Their colors painted a picture in my mind. I envisioned the world as a giant garden and decided that it was my turn to bloom.

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