Shauna Synesael-6th Grade

I am Shauna Synesael. My dream in life is to become a professional diver. Before I fulfill my dream I would like to reach a few of my many goals. I must graduate from high school. Another of my various goals is to go to college for at least three years.

Proper education is immensely important.

It’s critical to go to college, especially if you are dreaming of doing sports. Having something to fall back on if your career collapses is necessary. When I have support in education, I can start working to make my dream form into reality.

I am a swift swimmer, but do not enjoy the aching after affects like protesting muscles and wheezing breaths. I enjoy climbing up the ladder to the high dive, and the sense of adrenaline coursing through my veins.

As I stare down at the glittering wall of crystal clear liquid, I listen to my heartbeat slow as I become mesmerized by how the light seems to bounce off across the water. I smile as my heartbeat starts up to a faster rate when I lift my arms straight over my head and crouch so they are facing the water.

Standing on my tiptoes I push and roll my body off. I catch a glimpse of the diving board. My body slices through the surface, and I feel a wave of pleasure as the icy chill from the dense dampness around me seems to seep through my skin to my bones. Goosebumps skitter up my spine like bugs making me shudder.

Launching myself upward, I emerge, gasping for air. Climbing out, dripping wet and cold does matter as I feel pride swelling up in my chest as my coach compliments me. The feeling of being graceful, elegant, and strong is my favorite joy I get from my passion.

Many times I wanted to give up because it was too hard. Instead of giving up though, I thought about my leaders. They didn’t give up; they also wouldn’t want me to. So I would just have to keep on toughing through it and practice.

I am inspired by my coach. He guides me through everything and shares his many years of wisdom. Also watching the high schoolers perfect their dives gives me the energy to become just like them.

What inspired me in the first place to even start swimming were all the men and women who participate in the swimming division of the Olympics. A competition that I would like to take place in one day.

I strongly believe that as the new generation grows to be the future, that we young women will justify ourselves. We are more than little frail human beings that need protection. We will show male kind that we are independent and can take care of ourselves. Taking a stand will be the next leap in our strong steady future to be noticed as more than what we seem.

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