Go ahead and laugh: Getting past urinary incontinence

Night after night, too many women give up on a good night’s sleep because they get up to urinate. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you, too, are resigned to hustling full-bore to the restroom and to scoping out the ladies’ room as soon as you’re in a new place. Or maybe laughing has become a landmine and exercise impossible because you know these things lead to leaks.

The fact is, you’re not alone. One in four women deals with urinary incontinence. But it’s a problem you probably don’t have to live with.

If you leak urine or have sudden, strong urges to urinate, you have urinary incontinence. But which kind? Incontinence comes in several varieties, and figuring out which one you’re experiencing is important for moving past the problem.

Stress incontinence describes leaks during sneezing, coughing, or bouncing. It’s a common type of incontinence that results from weakened pelvic floor muscles, something many women experience after childbirth. Urge incontinence — another prevalent type — is the kind that forces you to run for the restroom.

Finding a solution could lie in urodynamic evaluation: a painless, 30-minute exam that gives doctors a glimpse of what’s happening when you make and eliminate urine and can pinpoint which kind of incontinence you’re experiencing. This group of tests shows how much pressure causes you to leak urine and how well your bladder and urethra function.

And there are lots of potential treatments. Medicines, physical therapy, biofeedback, exercise, or minor surgery can help with this issue after you and your doctor have determined your particular needs. All of these solutions are available through St.Vincent Women’s Services.

One thing that helps lots of women is our Total Control program: a seven-week series of classes to help you get control of urinary incontinence. Classes meet twice a week; each class is one hour and 15 minutes long. It’s 45 minutes of Pelvic Pyramid floor exercises and 30 minutes of education and discussion. And all you need is a yoga mat — plus the desire to put this problem behind you, once and for all.

Get moving toward a solution. Right now, I’m offering free consultations to discuss pelvic floor issues. This short visit gives you a good idea about whether urodynamic evaluation is right for you, and is a great first step to finding a solution. To schedule your appointment, take a minute to fill out this form. We’ll get you scheduled and help make urinary incontinence something to laugh about.

You can also find out more by calling 317-338-4HER.

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