We welcome our 10,000th arrival!

Fletcher Russell came early. It’s not uncommon, but it connected him to an uncommon milestone: Fletcher was the 10,000th baby to be born at St.Vincent Carmel.

Complications during pregnancy led to a Caesarean delivery about four weeks earlier than parents Jay and Shannon Russell had expected, and so little Fletcher was born at 11:34 p.m. on February 2.

He’s the 10,000th for St.Vincent Carmel but the second for his parents.

The first baby was delivered at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital in 2003. That we’ve been blessed to be a part of the sacred moment of birth for 10,000 babies is certainly reason for celebration.

We’re proud to be ready for whatever curve balls come before, during, or after that moment, with an obstetrician, an OB-dedicated anesthesiologist, and a neonatologist in house around the clock.

Because he was premature, Fletcher spent a couple of weeks in our NICU, which as a level-III facility is equipped for the most delicate neonatal situations. He’s home now and doing well, happily oblivious to his title and to all the preparation, experience, and passion that went into his safe homecoming.

10,000 babies have kept us well aware.

We make each birth uniquely memorable by including birthday celebrations, fresh-baked cookies for the family, a complimentary post-delivery massage, delicious meals and hotel-quality amenities.

In summer 2011, St.Vincent Carmel Hospital will unveil newly renovated Monogram Maternity rooms and amenities.

Congratulations to the Russell family — and to every family who came before them. We’re very happy to have been a part of your growth and thank you for being part of ours.

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