Construction buzzes along at St.Vincent Carmel

We are excited to see the ongoing construction in the new Mother Baby Unit coming along so nicely. It’s exciting to see the mere dreams and architectural blueprints turn into real walls and rooms. Already, it’s easy to imagine the magical experiences that will happen in this new unit in just a few short months.

Here’s where things stand: Everything is dry-walled. Plumbing, electrical, medical gases, and data systems outlets are creating a visual reality of the unit to come. We expect casework and finishes to bring even more excitement to this project as quartz and tile and etched glasswork will be arriving soon.

We are eager to see the premium rain shower heads and beautiful light fixtures installed. Furniture has been selected and is in production as we speak. Artwork has been selected and the nursery mural is being designed by local artists Blice Edwards Decorative Arts. New equipment for the expansion has been ordered and is arriving weekly.

Our nursing staff has been meeting to discuss the move and the organization of storerooms and supplies. Staff members have provided valuable input to ensure the families’ and associates’ needs will be met in our beautiful new environment.

We have also been finalizing the design plans for the next phase of the project, in which the private Level-III NICU suites will be constructed and the Labor and Delivery Unit will be remodeled and expanded.

Architects from BSA LifeStructures and designers from Maregatti Interiors have been working diligently with us to create a soothing and beautiful space for our families’ very important moments of childbirth and hospitalization. We feel blessed to be able to offer such beautiful amenities and comforts to our families delivering at St Vincent Carmel Hospital. Read more.

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