A first step toward wellness: Speaking of Women’s Health

The theme of this year’s Speaking of Women’s Health event is “Journey to Wellness.” And so I ask you: What the heck does that mean? Something different for everyone, is my guess.

Maybe it means giving up smoking. Or taking more time for yourself — especially if you’re working too much. Speaking of work, are you in the right career? Maybe it’s time for a change — in your work life, personal life, or parenting. And maybe you’re having such a hard time with physical problems that you can’t even get your thoughts straight on the personal stuff.

Where do you start? How, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed, do you get started on your own journey to wellness?

We put together Speaking of Women’s Health to be your first step, your starting point and your really good time with a lot of great ladies. The day is packed with speakers and breakout sessions, a luncheon, and health screenings. You can try Zumba and tai chi. You can find out more about nutrition (including a pet topic of mine — the benefits of chocolate). You can hear tips for getting your finances in line.

You can find the inspiration you need to get moving toward wellness.

Here are the details:

Speaking of Women’s Health
Friday, September 16, 2011
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Indiana Convention Center
Individual tickets are $40; a table of 10 costs $500
Register here.

I’ll be there, talking about the latest in women’s health. Hope you’ll be there, too.

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