Win a massage! Just tell us about the best gift money can't buy.

Update: Congratulations to our winner, Brandy Smith!

Nuts to the shopping, the hassle, the running around and big spending. What do you really really really want? What’s the best, most caring gift anyone has given you or you’ve given a friend?

For example, Chaplain Miki Mathioudakis got the gift of time and muscle when she recently moved:

The weekend before the movers came, a friend and her husband offered to come with the truck to help load up my garage and shed.  I thought they had said they’d come Sunday.  I said that was good because I was officiating two weddings that weekend and wanted to take Saturday morning for self-care.  Later, my friend called and said that they would be coming Saturday not Sunday. I told her that I could meet them at 10, and then she said, “Why, I thought you were taking Saturday morning for self-care.”

I said, “Well, I was, but I can’t let you move me while I take it easy!”

She said, “You are worthy.  Please, we want to do this for you.”

What a gift!  With friends like that, I want for nothing!

And you won’t be surprised to know that Julie has a bunch of ideas for showing you care without reaching for the debit card:

  • Every day in December, I send a “thinking of you” card or note to a different person in my life.  Maybe they are needing an extra nice thought or I have not been in touch with them. Every December, I send 31 notes.
  • Because I know single moms are overwhelmed and strapped for cash, I buy a tree and go put it up for a family.  If children are in the house then I try to take them so they can pick out the tree and all of the lights and so on.
  • And why not have some naughty/nice fun at Christmas? There is this little light that you can put in your neighbors’ outdoor lights to make their holiday lights flash off and on. Did that to my brother! Hee hee hee.

Send us your ideas! One contributor will one an hourlong massage. Just use the comments section to tell us about the best gift money can’t buy.

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