Build a BetterU

Here we are again, on the cusp of American Heart Month, and heart disease is still the No. 1 killer of women.

Bad news, I know, but here’s encouraging news: The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women is again bringing help — in the form of motivation, recipes, and a range of tools designed to help you get healthier. BetterU is a free 12-week online nutrition and fitness program with a different health focus each week. It offers guidance (including a downloadable coaching tool), daily tips from experts, a forum for connecting with other women in the program and an online journal for tracking your goals and progress.

It’s not there to overwhelm you but to inspire you to make the little choices every day that add up to big improvements in your health.

Check out the BetterU Program here. You can also follow the progress of Indianapolis’s BetterU challengers, the seven local women who are taking part and blogging about their experiences.

I had the pleasure of meeting the BetterU Challengers at the kickoff breakfast in January.  These are seven brave women who went around a room full of strangers and explained why they wanted to be challengers — reasons like  “I am a nursing instructor and smoke” and “I have gained 30 pounds.” Some of the challengers had had cardiac events so scary they were tough just to listen to.

They all have a desire to be healthier. They have committed — very publicly — to lose weight, stop smoking, get their cholesterol under control, and so on.

Each of these women knows it is going to be hard. The first step is to evaluate their lipid panels, and then they will meet with me for a discussion of these numbers and what they need to do. I can’t wait, and I’d like to throw in that I myself just got my own lipid panel back, and the smackdown is coming. My lipids are out of control.

Yeah. I thought I would do the challenge with them. Join us!

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