Making childbirth better, safer, more comfortable

First and foremost, families rely on a hospital’s medical staff and state-of-the-art resources, on knowing that moms and babies are in the safest place they can be during and after childbirth, especially if anything unexpected happens.

We have that. In fact, we’ve been known for it throughout our ten years in Carmel.

We also offer a lot more. And we’re constantly at work to make the childbirth experience better for moms and families.

That’s why an increasing number of area mothers are choosing to have their babies at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital. And it’s also why more OB/GYN professionals have moved their practices to the new and improved facility.

Three different OB/GYN groups — including Comprehensive OB-GYN, Obstetrics and Gynecology of Indiana, and St.Vincent Carmel St.Vincent Carmel Women’s Health Alliance — all now practice at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital.

“All of the OB/GYNs practicing here are very patient-focused,” said Michelle Slayman, clinical director of OB services at the hospital. “That’s why they selected us. Because our whole philosophy is to focus on and constantly improve the patient experience.”

Recent renovations are another way that we’re working to keep making that experience better.

“We reached out to mothers, and asked them what they wanted in a maternity environment,” Slayman said, “and the result is what you see happening in our hospital today.”

The newly renovated maternity rooms at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital include rain showers, fine linens, etched glass doors and contemporary furniture.

Private NICU room at St.Vincent Carmel HospitalThe most recent changes around the hospital offer much more than comfort, although certainly that is one important element of their purpose. The hospital is now home to private newborn intensive care rooms that provide families a new level of closeness and comfort. Babies get the same Level-III NICU care, but in a less stressful setting, one that enables families to have more privacy.

“The private NICU rooms eliminate distraction and noise, helping protect both parents’ privacy as well as the vulnerable babies themselves,” Slayman said. The new NICU rooms also include a sophisticated alarm management system so nurses can monitor babies when they aren’t in the room.

More improvements are still to come. Construction and expansion of our labor and delivery rooms are underway, and so are additional new postpartum rooms.

“It’s about giving moms what they want,” she said. “And that resonates with not only moms, but families and doctors, too.”

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