A Positive Match with Heart Match

Women fighting heart disease are finding strength in one another. Heart Match, an online program created by the American Heart Association, is joining women on their journey.

Maria and Keilee, who met at a Go Red meeting, find strength in each other. Feeling alone in life’s challenges, these two women formed a friendship through Heart Match.

Keilee was only 12 days out of her heart transplant when she met Maria. The insight and support Keilee provided gave Maria faith she would make it through her struggles. Understanding each other’s perspective lead to a stronger bond and better understanding of their own heart conditions.

The connection starts by creating a simple online profile. Heart Match facilitates emotional support for women who have been impacted by heart disease. It is not the goal of the program to provide education, rather a companion who truly understands the difficulties you are facing.

Sharing your story can inspire women fighting heart disease. Be part of the positive change at GoRedForWomen.org/HeartMatch.

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