Expecting Moms: Cindy Breeden

Last fall Cindy Breeden and her husband put having a baby in their plans for the near future. With that goal in mind, Cindy attended a meet and greet event with St.Vincent doctors at an Indianapolis restaurant, Café Patachou. Here’s Cindy’s story.

I first met Dr. Tronya Hawkins at the outreach event at Cafe Patachou. We were contemplating getting pregnant and wanted to check out what the doctors who choose to deliver at St. Vincent Hospital had to say about their practices and facilities. I remember appreciating the question and answer part because it gave me the opportunity to ask questions that were specific to our needs. We were looking for a small practice with personality that didn’t rotate doctors. When I met Dr. Hawkins I was surprised at how direct she was. She stayed after the event and I was able to personally meet her. That one-on-one sealed it for me. I came home that night telling my husband that I had found our doctor.
We learned we were pregnant in November but we didn’t have our first appointment until Jan 27. That’s a lot of time to pass but when we walked into her office she looked at me and said, “Hi, I haven’t seen you since the Cafe Patachou event.”
She remembered me!!!

Every single visit that we have had at her office has been a blast. She accommodated about eight people to view our first ultrasound since it was the anniversary of our oldest son’s death. She thought it would be great for the family to see the baby for the first time together. She genuinely cares.

I remember one visit after my husband and I had been apart from each other for the weekend…I told Dr. Hawkins that my husband had said that it looked as though my belly was getting fatter.
Dr. Hawkins stopped what she was doing and looked at him and said, “Oh no you didn’t!”
My husband immediately said, “I meant that the baby was bigger.”
Dr. Hawkins said, “Oh no! You never, ever say bigger! What your wife heard you say is that you think she is fatter. What you could say is, ‘the baby is growing.’”
My poor husband responded by saying, “Well, I was just saying that her belly seemed larger….”
Dr. Hawkins interrupted him, “NO! Never ever say larger or bigger, ever. Here, repeat after me, “the baby is growing!”
And she repeated herself and made him repeat it after her. We were laughing about this for days and it will be a story to tell for a long time. Needless to say, he knows what to say now!

Dr. Hawkins compassion is endless. On our deceased son’s birthday I was understandably very down and I walked into her office. Her nurse asked me what was going on because they just knew me so well there that they knew that I was feeling down. Dr. Hawkins walked into my room and I started to get up from the client chair to sit on the exam table. But, Dr. Hawkins put her arm around me and had me sit down with her. She spent a long time talking to me and it just felt great that she cared.
I can’t imagine having any other doctor. She is 100% authentic and she wears her heart on her sleeve. I am so thankful that St.Vincent held that outreach event at Cafe Patachou. I really needed Dr. Hawkins and will be forever grateful for finding her.

Cindy and her husband’s baby is due to arrive August 19th.
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