Special September offers from SKINovations

Take advantage of these great September 2012 specials from SKINnovations at St.Vincent Medical Center Northeast.

Come in for huge 50% OFF savings the month of September for any laser and IPL treatment! Packages are included in the special’s this month!

  • Laser Hair Removal: Spend less time fussing with shaving and waxing.  For both men and women, laser hair removal is the solution to permanently remove hair from all parts of the body.  Using the Cutera CoolGlide technology, skin is left cool to the touch.
  • Cutera LImelight IPL: Advanced intense pulsated light (IPL) technology treats sun spots, tiny veins, rosacea, acne and diffuses redness.  The Cutera LimeLight’s non-invasive approach to skin rejuvenation targets areas with pulsated light that goes deeper than traditional IPL, with better results seen after one to three treatments.
  • Laser Genesis: Treat wrinkles, large pores, skin texture, acne, rosacea, scars and redness with this non-invasive laser treatment. Laser Genesis offers advanced technology that has been scientifically proven to produce new collagen, resulting in the restoration in the skin’s youthful glow.  Treatments are typically described as relaxing and therapeutic.
  • Cuter CoolGlide Vein Therapy: Facial telangiectasia and unsightly blood vessels caused by sun damage, smoking, heredity, hormones or other factors can affect both men and women. The Cuter CoolGlide removes veins from all parts of the body, including the face and legs.  Laser treatments of both facial and leg veins can provide a safe, effective method of treatments and requires no painful injections.
  • Cutera Titan: The latest in skin fitness. Skin is tightened with this non-surgical procedure using a safe infrared light that heats the dermis deep beneath your skin’s surface.  Titan can be used on any skin type or age.


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