An odor in urine: Questions for Julie

julie_thumbnailHello again from Julie HQ, where I’m dipping back into the electronic mailbag of lady-health to bring to your attention a question that I imagine is useful to many more women than just the ones asking them.

If you’re new to the site, please know that I’m here to help. I get questions from women every day, and I answer every one of them. Because I know that even though each of us lives in our bodies for years upon years, they never stop being full of surprises. Like any woman, I know what it’s like to be concerned about health and wanting an answer. So please don’t hesitate to drop me a line! Here is the question (and my answer) from a woman who did.

Hi, Julie. I’ve been having issues with an odor in my urine, and I wonder whether it’s because of a urinary tract infection. Can you help?

Hi M,

Many times odor in the urine can be from not drinking enough water, eating certain foods (asparagus and some cheeses are a few), or even from taking vitamins. That being said, if you have an odor, it’s best that you get it checked out. A simple urine dip, which your health care provider can do in his or her office, will rule out some common issues. I’d also take a history to find out what WDM Copy Template Page 2 you’ve been eating, which medications you’ve been taking, and so on. Most of the time there is nothing to be concerned about, but anytime you notice a change, why not get it checked out so you don’t have to worry?

Take care,

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