Be Well Daily



Being well means more than having a healthy body. It means that all the elements of your life are functioning smoothly so that you can feel good in mind, body and soul. It means ensuring that your lifestyle includes a balance of the elements that support your best self—things like enriching relationships, self-awareness, spirituality, and physical health.

We want to give every woman the tools she needs for achieving wellness on her own terms. So we’re offering Be Well Daily, a program focused on developing the knowledge and habits you need to bring wellness into your life.

Our wellness expert, Katie Thomas, will be writing here regularly about topics that support women’s well-being. Check back often to find the kind of practical, real-world details that take wellness from a far-off ideal to a daily practice. And we’re kicking off the whole thing with a six-week program that helps you define your wellness goals and shows you how to reach them. Over the course of the program, Katie—along with other experts from the St.Vincent team—will help you identify the areas you want to improve and find avenues for reaching your goals with the knowledge and motivation you need to get there.

In short, our mission is to give you everything you need to improve your own wellness by empowering you to set—and reach—achievable goals. To that end, we’ve pulled together an extensive list of local resources (products and services) that support the goals you identify as you follow our Be Well Daily program. 

KatieYogaAbout Katie Thomas
After embarking on her own personal health and wellness journey, Katie Thomas discovered the keys to reducing stress, improving health and achieving a healthy balance of relationships, career and wellness. Her experiences along the way led her to a passionate career in professional fitness coaching and wellness consulting focused on helping people achieve their personal wellness goals. Katie has more than eight years’ experience in creating and teaching holistic wellness workshops and studying holistic lifestyle coaching.

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