The foods that help—and hurt—when you have morning sickness

julie_thumbnailTo call what pregnant women go through with nausea “morning sickness” is to tell about a tenth of the story. I vote we rename it to tell the whole truth. How about something like, “Lady, Welcome to Three Months of Yuck.” It doesn’t have a ring to it, I know, but it does get closer to the heart of what happens to many women during the first trimester.

And, yes, the good news is that plenty of women never experience it, or experience it in its most mild form. It’s not a given, which of course is no consolation at all to those of you who do experience morning sickness. If you’re having the kind of morning sickness where you just can’t keep anything down, by the way, please get in touch with your healthcare provider right away. There are medicines that can help.

I’d like to be able to wave a wand and eradicate morning sickness from the planet. Until I get that wand, though, I will tell you this: What you eat can have a tremendous impact on whether you feel sick, or at least on how sick you feel. Many of these foods you probably avoid naturally, like fruits with a strong smell. Others might surprise you, like beans—and ice cream.

Monogram Maternity Nurse Navigator Kathy Ryan has put together a guide showing which foods can help and hurt while you’re coping with morning sickness. You can take a look at it here. You’re likely to find some advice within it that helps. But if you don’t, take heart—even the worst case of morning sickness comes to an end.

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