While we have great technology and research for breast cancer treatment, our goal at the St. Vincent High Risk Clinic is to help women reduce their risk of ever having breast cancer at all or to help find it at its earliest, most easily treatable stage.

Breast screening guidelines are frequently changing and can be confusing for patients. These guidelines are based on average risk women with no family history, no gene mutations, and no previously abnormal breast biopsies and may not apply to many women. Modern medicine encourages personalizing breast screening based on risk levels.

Our high risk breast program thoroughly examines both a women’s personal and family history to determine their individual risk level for breast cancer and offers early detection and risk reduction techniques that would most help them. These interventions may include lifestyle changes, increased breast imaging, genetic testing, medications, and even surgical options in some cases.

Our program utilizes a multi-disciplinary team specialized in breast care including breast surgeons, nurse practitioners, certified genetic counselors, radiologists, and medical oncologists. We offer immediate bedside ultrasound and connect directly with the breast imaging center so patients receive accurate results promptly. This team approach ensures that the high risk patient is provided the most up to date resources and a strong support team throughout her journey.

If you have a strong family history of breast, ovarian or uterine cancer we have options available to decrease your risk of developing breast cancer. Women who have had a prior breast biopsy with any kind of atypia (abnormal cells) also fall into the high-risk category. We meet

with you to educate you about genetic testing options, lifestyle options, medicinal options, surgical options and surveillance options to help decrease your risk of breast cancer.

St. Vincent offers a high-risk breast program for women who are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer to provide personalized management strategies to help reduce their risk. Take your risk assessment today, or schedule an appointment with Dr. Giblin at 317.582.9355. For more information on our high-risk breast program, click here.


Jen is an experienced nurse practitioner with a clinical interest in high-risk breast monitoring, cancer genetic testing and managing benign breast diseases. She works with the high-risk breast program through at St.Vincent for women who are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer to provide personalized management to help reduce their risk.