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5 Fears of the Father-to-Be

Fatherhood is arguably the most important job you’ll ever have. If you’re worried you’ll somehow “screw it up,” you’re not alone. Even the most confident guys can be filled with doubts when they think about caring for a newborn. Let’s dispel a few of the most common concerns you might be experiencing as the big day draws near. Continue reading

Being prepared, and staying flexible: How childbirth preparation class paid off for one new mom

Among the important messages new mom Alex Del Biondo took from her childbirth preparation class at St.Vincent Women’s Hospital, “stay flexible” is the one that ended up holding the most value. Del Biondo got a big surprise when her water … Continue reading

Expecting Moms: Sarah Scheidler

Mom-to-be Sarah Scheidler and her husband  are embarking on a new, exciting adventure together. They’re about to be parents. And, although the whole crazy process can be overwhelming, they’re doing pretty good…with just a little help. This is Sarah’s story: … Continue reading