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Your baby. Your way. At the place you trust to care for you and your family. That’s the promise of Monogram Maternity at three St.Vincent locations. That also means you have lots of things to consider and some big choices to make. So we want to make it easy for you to get started. Here are three ways to get connected with the information and the expertise you need to make your experience a great one from the beginning. Your personalized care begins with your Nurse Navigator – Your advocate. Your guide. Your friend.  Your Nurse Navigator is an OB nurse who not only helps you design a birth plan that’s right for you but becomes your first contact whenever you have concerns. She’ll be there for you through the many questions that pregnancy brings, to the excitement of the big day and beyond. To find your Nurse Navigator or to schedule a Monogram Maternity appointment, contact us here.

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Register for Beautiful Beginnings: Your Pregnancy Primer.

A FREE event with information on everything you need to know to prepare your body, mind and spirit for pregnancy—including info on classes and programs offered through St.Vincent, an overview of your hospital stay, and advice from moms and nurses who have been there. It happens every month at Café Patachou at River Crossing. Register here.


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If you decide to have your baby at St.Vincent, we start by making the process as convenient as possible with preregistration. A Monogram Maternity staff member will make sure that, when the big day arrives, you’re ready for us–and we’re ready for you.

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