Your Unique Birth Experience: Labor Comfort Options

Spa Aromatheraphy

At St. Vincent, our Labor and Delivery services are designed to help you enjoy the best birth experience possible in a comfortable, healing environment where our focus is on caring for your mind, body and spirit.

Because the birth of your baby is a uniquely personal event in your life, our Monogram Maternity Labor and Delivery services provide you with options to help make your birth experience truly one-of-a kind. We call it Monogram Maternity because it’s personalized for you, your family and your baby.

Our comfort support options at most locations include:

  • Integrative therapy that includes clinical aromatherapy. Essential oils re-energize, relieve stress and help you heal more quickly. Each member of our labor and delivery nursing staff has been trained in the effective use of essential oils during and after labor. Try Lavender or Mandarin for relaxation or Peppermint to refresh and renew.
  • Birthing balls that enhance movement during pregnancy and labor. Using a ball helps keep you in an upright/forward leaning position to ease your baby’s descent and lets you stay mobile while you labor. All of our labor rooms are equipped with standard-sized birthing balls.
  • Wireless monitoring that give you the freedom to move during labor.
  • Hydrotherapy (labor tubs and showers), to provide physical and psychological stress and pain relief.
  • Labor support techniques that include counter pressure, breathing techniques for relaxation, hot and cold compresses and repositioning exercises.
  • Skylight TV that provides music and scenery to help you relax.
  • Light hand and foot massage to relieve pain and anxiety.
  • Squatting bars are available and easily attached to the beds. Squatting is a natural position for pushing and birth and helps ease your baby’s descent during labor.

To learn more about labor comfort options at Monogram Maternity, please contact us by phone at 317-338-2229 (Indianapolis, Carmel and Fishers) or 765-236-8334 (Kokomo), or via email