Newborn Intensive Care Unit

The St. Vincent Carmel newborn intensive care unit (NICU) is uniquely designed to meet the complex needs of premature and sick newborns. Recently remodeled with family-centered care in mind, the private rooms help create a healing environment for these babies and their families. Additionally, the NICU is staffed around the clock with experienced neonatologists, neonatal nursing staff and specially-trained respiratory therapists. Should the need arise, St. Vincent Carmel neonatal medical staff work closely with their counterparts at St. Vincent Women’s NICU and pediatric subspecialists at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital to manage the most critically ill and complex situations.

  • Neonatologists provide 24-hour care, 7 days a week in private rooms that can accommodate twins and even triplets.
  • If either mother or baby needs specialized care at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital, both will be transferred without additional expense so that they may stay together during this important time.
  • We employ a multidisciplinary team of providers, including registered nurses, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists and physical therapists.