High Risk Services

At St. Vincent Women’s Hospital, we know that every expectant family plans for and looks forward to a healthy pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby. And, for the majority of women, pregnancy progresses without complications. But, for some, there may be unexpected difficulties or challenges along the way. Whether your pregnancy is determined to be high-risk from the beginning, or complications arise later on, we are prepared to handle your high-risk health challenges.

St. Vincent Women’s Hospital is the only hospital in Indiana with the highest level of obstetric and newborn intensive care in one location. Our team of expert physicians — including maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology, and pediatric sub-specialists — works to deliver a comprehensive continuum of care for you and your baby. We are the only hospital in Indiana – and the second hospital in the U.S. – to achieve Joint Commission disease-specific certification in high-risk obstetric care. And, we offer Indiana’s largest team of board-certified maternal-fetal medicine specialists who provide continuous care 24 hours a day, seven days a week on our High-Risk Obstetrical Unit.

Our highly experienced nursing staff provides intensive monitoring of mother and baby for short-term and extended stays, and our maternal-fetal medicine physicians, also called perinatologists, provide outpatient consultation, prenatal screenings, high-risk pregnancy management, genetic counseling, screening ultrasounds, and more. Our Fetal Care Coordinator is an important part of the high-risk care team because she will answer your questions, help schedule your tests and appointments, and be your liaison to the physicians.

If the need arises, we also offer high-risk transport care via ground or air that includes:

  • A dedicated response team of High-Risk OB nurses, Paramedics, ground ambulances, and the St. Vincent STAT Flight for air transport. Ground ambulances and aircraft are equipped with electronic fetal monitors.
  • Maternal-fetal transport, staffed by a multidisciplinary team of perinatal specialists and supervised by maternal fetal medicine physicians, who safely transfer expectant women experiencing pregnancy complications to St. Vincent Women’s Hospital.
  • Newborn transport led by a neonatologist, and includes a highly skilled transport nurse and respiratory therapist.
  • Three specially designed and equipped emergency vehicles for transporting and caring for critically ill infants.

For more information about our High-Risk Maternity Services, please call (317) 338-4HER.