Week 34

week_34By week 34, your baby may be starting to feel less like a sleeping baby and more like an amateur soccer player with kicks, fluttering and movement.

In addition to helping you feel more connected with your baby, these kicks can actually be used to help you determine the health of your baby via a form of measurement known as a kick count.

A kick count measures your baby’s movement patterns to ensure he or she is appropriately active. For example, most babies move 10 or more times in a four-hour period. A kick count gives you a definitive method to track his or her movement.

Getting Started

When you are ready to start taking a kick count, it’s a good idea to use a small notebook or create a worksheet on your computer that helps you track periods of time. Create a grid and label the week at the top (for example, Week 34). Create spaces for each day of the week on the top. Now determine a two-hour time block where you will daily monitor your baby’s movements. A good idea is to measure when you find your baby is most active—such as the time after you eat or when you have taken a walk. Label these times on the left-hand side in 30-minute increments.

Now you’re ready to start taking a kick count. Mark each time you detect a movement, such as a kick. If you reach 10 in a two-hour time span, your baby is moving at a good pace and is developing well.

Examine Your Results

The keys to the kick count are hitting the magic number of 10 and then establishing a pattern. Your baby’s movements will likely be more pronounced as your pregnancy progresses. Notify your healthcare provider if you observe any changes in kick count—especially if it’s a decrease over time.


  • If you have discussed movements and kick counts with your healthcare provider or friends, you likely know each baby moves differently. If you do not immediately note 10 kicks in the time period, try comfortably lying on your left side, which may help you to better feel your baby’s movements, or listening to loud music in short bursts to possibly perk up baby.
  • You should continue taking a kick count every day until your baby is born to ensure your baby is growing and developing.