Tours & Childbirth Education Classes

Together, Confident and Prepared!

Let us help you feel Confident and Prepared through this precious journey whether this is your first baby or you are an experienced parent. There is something for everyone!

First Pregnancy? We recommend Newborn Care, Breastfeeding Basics and one of our great Childbirth Prep classes. Done in a Day is a good option for those with busy schedules. We offer traditional 3 week Childbirth Prep and 4 week Lamaze classes. Labor Support Class allows you to have extra time in a Labor Room to practice what you have learned in Childbirth Prep class getting you ready for the big day. For the proud Dad to Be – Daddy Boot Camp (we promise no push-ups but a nationally renowned program to help you feel more comfortable).

Experienced Parent? Childbirth Prep Refresher through Labor Support or an E-Learning class. Big brother or sister? The Sibling Class can prepare them for this exciting adventure they are about to encounter.

Grandparents? So much has changed since you were a baby. This class gives them the most current information to help with their grand-baby…a night out for you maybe?

Together we will guide you through this exciting time in your life. Email our Monogram Maternity Nurses with any questions. Please register for childbirth education classes by the fourth month of pregnancy. Plan to complete your prenatal classes by the 36th week of pregnancy. Ready to sign up? To register for classes please call (317) 338-CARE (2273). Registration is not confirmed until payment is received. 

Early Pregnancy

  • Beautiful Beginnings: Your Pregnancy Primer 
  • Prenatal Massages – call 317-415-9028 or click here to register.
  • Maternity Preview Tours Calendar
  • St.Vincent Women’s Hospital Tours meet in the Virginia B. Fairbanks Pavilion on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm. Please call 317-338-CARE to register. Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time.
  • St.Vincent Carmel Hospital Tours meet in the Maternity Lobby, 3rd floor of the St.Vincent Carmel Hospital on Tuesdays at 6:00pm. No registration required. Please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time.
  • St.Vincent Fishers Hospital  Registration required. Schedule a tour at St.Vincent Fishers via email or call 317-415-9001. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start time.
  • Private tours with a Monogram Maternity Nurse Navigator are available. Please contact us to schedule a private tour.  
  • Prenatal Yoga This class, a style of Hatha yoga appropriate for pregnant women, uses breath-synchronized movement to help keep the body supple, strong and flexible in preparation for labor, birth and recovery. The stretches will help improve circulation, reduce fatigue and promote relaxation. Call 317-849-7801 or email Jean Arnold for more information or to register for classes.

Second Trimester

  • Breastfeeding Basics This one session introduction to breastfeeding focuses on techniques for initiating nursing during the early weeks with your newborn and maintaining a successful breastfeeding experience. $25.00/per couple 
  • Newborn Care Through demonstration and practice, this class will provide you with information and education about: normal newborn characteristics and activity, adjustments to parenthood, baby-proofing your home, safety issues and baby care basics (bathing, diapering & feeding). $25.00/per couple 
  • Boot Camp for New Dads Our boot camp for new dads class helps you get connected with  other men that are also facing the challenges and opportunities related to becoming a new dad. We promise- no push-ups, but a nationally renowned program to help you feel more comfortable. $30.00/per person
  • Expecting Multiples Information available as needed.
  • Sibling Preparation: Ages 3-4  Are you trying to prepare your young child for the birth of her sibling? This interactive class will provide you with the guidance and information you need to help prepare for and assist your younger child with this exciting time. $10.00/per child 
  • Sibling Preparation: Ages 5-8 This class is designed to introduce children (ages 5-8) to  the joys and changes associated with having a new baby in the family. $10.00/per child 
  • GRANDparenting Are you becoming a new grandparent? This special one-session class is for expectant grandparents only. You’ll get information on the most current childbirth and newborn care practices so you are most prepared for this special time. $15.00/per person $25.00/couple 
  • Free Car Seat Safety Inspection St.Vincent Fishers Hospital. By appointment. Please call 317-338-CARE to schedule your inspection. No fee. 

Third Trimester

  • Schedule your Monogram Maternity: 36 Week Visit 
  • Childbirth Preparation: eLearning Are you an independent learner who enjoys learning from the comfort of your home? Or maybe you are busy professional or at home on bedrest? eLearning is a web-based program that includes animated illustrations, videos, and interactive learning. $45.00/couple 
  • Done in a Day Childbirth Preparation Overview + Breastfeeding + Newborn Care. A good option for those with busy schedules. $85.00/per couple 
  • Childbirth Preparation Overview 1 session $45.00/per couple 
  • Childbirth Preparation 3 Week Series $75.00/per couple 
  • Childbirth Preparation: Lamaze 4 sessions $85.00/per couple
  • Childbirth Preparation: Refresher please see eLearning/Labor Support
  • Labor Support 1 session. Allows you to have extra time in a Labor Room to practice what you have learned in Childbirth Prep class getting you ready for the big day! $30.00/per couple 

Early Parenting

  • Baby Boot Camp - Weekly mommy and me stroller classes offered at St.Vincent Fishers Hospital. Visit to register.
  • Breastfeeding Support Groups – No Fee 
  • St.Vincent Women’s Fridays 10:30 AM 8550 Naab Road, Suite 201, Indianapolis, IN 46260. 317-415-7993.
  • St.Vincent Carmel Mondays 10:30 AM- Noon 13500 N. Meridian Street, Carmel, IN 46032. Please call the lactation office at 317-582-7461 for the exact room location.
  • St.Vincent Fishers Saturdays 10:00 AM 13914 Olio Road, 3rd Floor, Community Room, Fishers, IN 46037. 317-415-9000.
  • Infant Massage Infant massage has been shown to promote family bonding and help babies gain weight, develop more restful sleep patterns, obtain relief from colic and teething.  $25.00/Family 
  • CPR for Family & Friends The American Heart Association non-certification CPR course is designed for the lay rescuer. You will be taught: basic techniques of adult, child and infant CPR, how to identify and treat choking, how to recognize heart attack and stroke. $25.00/per person 
  • Natural Family Planning Natural Family Planning uses the scientific Sympto Thermal Method of monitoring a woman’s cycle. This is not calendar rhythm, but a medically sound program that is 99% effective. It is a natural, side-effect-free, and economic way to understand fertility.
  • Safe Sitter Safe sitter is an international, medically accurate program that teaches boys and girls ages 11-13 how to handle emergencies when caring for children. This class teaches safe and nurturing childcare techniques, behavior management skills and appropriate responses to emergencies. $45.00/per person