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As a woman, you spend lots of time looking out for the needs of your family and friends. But how often do you take time for you and look out for your own needs—including your health?

At St. Vincent, we think that you deserve some “me” time, especially when it comes to your well-being. Time to laugh. Time to de-stress. Time to do whatever it is you enjoy doing. And when it comes to taking time to care for your health, we’re devoted to delivering the kinds of health services that will help you live the life you deserve.

Whether you’re looking for answers about maternity options, breast health, pelvic or heart care, or even emotional health, you’ll find people and programs devoted to your needs at St. Vincent.  The place where women’s health matters.

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Prenatal Massage: Do or Don’t?

Many women get massages to relieve pregnancy-related aches and pains. But are prenatal massages really a safe way to #taketime4u? Misinformation about prenatal massage makes it difficult for women to accurately weigh the benefits of massage with potential risks. Consider … Continue reading

The Facts About Fats

Keeping women’s hearts healthy is an ongoing effort, and the Women’s Cardiac Risk Clinic at St.Vincent Carmel Women’s Center is here to help.Are the oils you’re cooking with the healthiest options? Learn the truth about fats and #taketime4u to get heart-healthy. There’s … Continue reading

Let’s Hear It for Vaccines!

From the first days of your child’s life, immunizations are there to protect against diseases that used to claim the lives of thousands of children each year. Immunizations have come a long way since the first vaccine was given in … Continue reading